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September- Monthly Must-Have's

These monthly favourites are items that scream cozy, fall vibes. I have been sharing my monthly must-haves on the @km.method IG for quite some time now, but this is the first time we are bringing it to the blog with shoppable links!

When it comes to purchasing, I am the type of consumer that needs a recommendation from someone I trust, whether IRL or via the internet. So my intention with these monthly must-haves is to share items I have loved over the past month.


Product Breakdowns

  • Dandy Blend- Dandy Blend is a caffeine-free herbal beverage and coffee alternative. So if you're trying to quit coffee or lower your caffeine intake, Dandy Blend provides the goodness of dandelion in an instant while still having that coffee taste, smell, look and feel. I've been making a cashew milk latte every morning with the Dandy blend lately and am obsessed!

  • Yogi Detox Tea - I first tried this Yogi Detox Tea when I was in LA earlier this summer and became obsessed, but then once I returned to Toronto, I couldn't find it anywhere. I ended up ordering it online and love having a cup after dinner while winding down. Don't be intimidated by the word detox. There are no laxative-like ingredients; instead, it is full of healthy cleansing herbs, Burdock and Dandelion with Juniper Berry, Ginger and Black Pepper, traditionally used to support digestion and circulation. Combine this with your legs up the wall before bed, and you will sleep like a baby and wake up feeling so good.

  • Jennifer Fisher Natasha Huggies- I bought my first pair of Jennifer Fisher earrings, the Micro Natasha hoops, about a year ago and wore them almost daily. The JF Natasha Huggies are the same style, just bigger, which is great when I want to elevate an outfit with a little something extra. They are definetly investment pieces, but the quality is fantastic, and I promise you will get so much wear from them.

  • KM Move Your Body Crewneck- Are we surprised? With the weather starting to cool down, I keep reaching for this crewneck on my morning walks. It's cozy but lightweight, and I love how it reminds me to move my body. We have a couple of sweaters left, so if you are interested in grabbing one, now is the time because once they are gone, they're gone.

  • Merit Sculpting Bronzer- This is a new favourite of mine. It's a sheer, buildable bronzer that gives a wash of natural warmth and depth.

  • Bala Hourglass Foam Roller- I am OBSESSED with foam rollers. If you are a member of the KM Method Online Studio, then you know I love to incorporate the foam roller for mobility purposes and to elevate exercises. This Hourglass Foam Roller by Bala is smaller than the usual one I work with, but I've loved it for pure fascial release. It's the perfect amount of firmness, and I love the shape of it. Use code KAILA10 for 10% off your order!

10/10- recommend!

I hope you enjoyed this month's most haves and if you end up purchasing any of them, let me know how you like them.

Thanks for reading,

All my love,


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