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Introducing the September Challenge--- Back to Balance

The Back to Balance Challenge is a Pilates-inspired challenge with signature KM workouts, weekly meal plans, recipes, live wellness events & more.

I am so excited to announce that I am collaborating with Integrative Health Coach Kayla Pomponio on a September Challenge that is all about getting Back to Balance after the summer months.

In this article, I will be breaking down the challenge, introducing you to Integrative Health Coach Kayla Pomponio and sharing some of her favourite health & wellness products with you.

When Does The Challenge Start ---

The challenge begins on Monday, September 12th, at 9 am.

What's Included —

1. Weekly workout schedules/videos. I have curated a weekly workout schedule for you to follow with four of my signature mat pilates classes, plus some bonus classes.

2. Weekly meal plans - recipes included.

3. Weekly grocery lists

5. Live Weekly Events with Kayla and me.

5. Wellness reads on the @bewellwithkayla platform regarding all things wellness to be posted while the challenge continues!

Who Is It For —

The Back to Balance challenge is perfect for those who want to tone up, lose water retention, improve their digestion, begin/get back on a routine, and find a workout method that supports your hormones and nervous system and gives you the results you are looking for.

Use the code BEWELL20 to get 20% off a monthly subscription or 20% off an annual subscription.

Get to Know Kayla Pomponio

Who is Kayla Pomponio

Hi! I’m Kayla! I’m a 24-year-old health & wellness coach and entrepreneur.

At 22, I started my business in the wellness industry and have evolved into many projects since. I have recently launched my ultimate project, my online wellness platform, which offers everything from health, nutrition & wellness guidance through articles.

What is Your Wellness Routine

My wellness routine is actually pretty simple. I enjoy eating foods that truly make me feel good, which are whole foods. My diet is rich in green vegetables, lean sources of protein, and moderate healthy fat.

As for movement, Pilates is truly my passion. I’m so passionate about connecting mind and body through this practice and really coming back to yourself once you step onto the mat or the reformer. The workout not only shapes you physically but also shapes you mentally.

What are Your Favourite Health, Wellness & Fitness Products

1. Favourite supplement - magnesium

2. Favourite fitness - 2-pound weights & Alo warrior mat

3. Wellness - Gua Sha, RoseHhip face oil, Skinny Confidential Ice Roller

PS- All members of @bewellwithkayla will also be getting a limited-time discount code to @thekm.method once the challenge begins for you to discover more workouts on the @thekm.method platform once the challenge is over. This is one of the best discounts I have ever done!

Thank you for reading, and we can't wait to see you in the challenge!



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