3 Amazing Pilates Props for At Home Workouts!


Welcome to my first blog post! I'm so happy you're here and cannot wait to share my favourite Pilates Props with you.

Below are three Pilates Props that will elevate your movement sessions and bring traditional moves to the next level!

These three pieces of equipment are light, portable and are SO effective when used correctly.


Ankle/ wrist weights seem to be making a MAJOR comeback and I am so here for it.

I purchased Bala Bangles after seeing them on Shark Tank in 2019 and they are HANDS DOWN my favourite purchase of 2020. Wow! What a statement, but I am truly obsessed! I specifically love these weights because they are comfortable, adjustable and easy to put on. I opted for the 1lb weights for added resistance to my bodyweight exercises but they also have 2lbs if you are looking for a little more resistance with your movement exercises.

I use these bangles in my workouts and I also wear them on my daily walks to for an extra little burn. I have to acknowledge that these are definitely on the more expensive end as far as equipment goes, however, they are an investment piece and will pay for themselves a hundred times over when you see how much they can elevate your daily routines.

Here in Canada, you can purchase them at Indigo.ca or directly at the Bala.com website.

If these specific ones don’t fit your current budget here is a great alternative that is more cost-effective and gets the job done!



Ah, the Magic Circle! This is one of my favourite Pilates Props. It's a love/ hate relationship actually.... if you have ever worked with this prop you know what I mean!

The magic circle is essentially a ring that is made of flexible metal or rubber (the rubber ones are my preference) and about 13 inches in diameter with small pads on either side.

The magic circle provides gentle to moderate resistance during Pilates-based exercises.

The ring can be used in a ton of different ways but some of my favourite ways to incorporate this prop are during adductor work (inner thighs), rotational work and isolated upper body exercises (thoracic rotations, side bends, isolated bicep presses and shoulder protraction and retraction)

You can find the magic circle here!



My core is on fire just THINKING about this Mini Stability Ball!

Similar to the pilates circle this ball can be used in many different ways. My favourite way to incorporate it is by adding it to a core sequence because performing exercises on an unstable base of support can help engage the body’s deepest stabilizing muscles. This prop is a great way to increase the challenge of an exercise and increases balance, stability and muscular endurance... all things we love here at The KM Method!

These stability balls can be easily inflated or deflated which makes them great to travel with.

I would recommend opting for the 7” like this one here: Mini Stability Ball (7’’)


Caring for your physical body is one of THE greatest acts of self-care. Whether it be a 60-minute workout or a walk around the block I believe that every little bit counts and I hope that these prop recommendations can help you feel your very best.

If you have questions about anything mentioned above or if you are curious about how to use them leave me a comment below or join me over at thekm.method where I am going to be sharing Pilates-based workouts incorporating these props.

Wherever you are I hope you are having an incredible day.

All my love,



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