Kaila McManus is a Certified Pilates Instructor, student of Holistic Nutrition, and lover of all things health and wellness. 


Ah, the about me section of a website…. personally, I absolutely LOVE reading these, it allows you, the reader to learn a little bit about me so thank you so much for being here! 


Through an ever-evolving wellness and personal journey I have found my why and what lights me up— which is making people feel good in their body. In my daily life, I am a Pilates Instructor and a Head Trainer at Studio Lagree in Toronto, but most importantly I refer to myself as a movement educator. I am intrigued by the power of exercise in relation to the mind and body connection. 


My journey began after I quit a high-level competitive sport in my late teens. After quitting, both my physical and mental health started to majorly decline. In 6 short months, I gained an unhealthy amount of weight, and my physical body changed drastically. My mental health also took a major turn for the worst, and I knew something had to change as I could not continue living like this. 


I made a tactical plan to achieve the changes I wanted to see. I changed my way of eating and started focusing on healthy foods that would fuel my body. I signed up for a hot yoga membership, and not only began to transform my physical body, but was also introduced to the mind/body/soul connection. With this, I was able to create a mindfulness foundation and strengthen my spiritual beliefs using modalities like meditation and breath work.

As a result of these lifestyle changes, I lost all of the unhealthy weight and as a side effect, strengthened my mindset. Overall, I felt incredible. I had more energy and zest for life than I ever did as a competitive athlete, and I became addicted to the feeling of wellness and the world of functional fitness. 


At this moment, I knew I had found my passion, and I became motivated to share my journey and advice with anyone that was interested. 


I strongly believe that moving your body allows you to connect with something bigger than yourself, while focusing on your physical and mental well-being. My goal as a Functional Exercise and Pilates Instructor is to help people further understand themselves through movement and empower them to strive for their personal best based on quality of movements over quantity.


In addition to the power of exercise, I am also fascinated in the healing power of food and am working towards becoming a certified Holistic Nutritionist so I can educate on the healing properties of food and natural supplementation


As I write this today, I have worked hard to build a lifestyle and healthy rituals centered around whole food nutrition, strengthening my mindset, consistent functional movement and self-care activities. With all of this I have discovered a way of living that makes me feel incredible. 

Today you can find me empowering people to live their best life.


Wherever you are on your wellness journey my hope is that what I share on my platforms helps you build, and sustain a routine and lifestyle that inspires, transforms and empowers you to live your best life- the one that you are SO deserving of having. 


I’m so glad you’re here, beautiful. 




Watching my client’s relationship with exercise change! More specifically, empowering and educating them to feel good in their bodies and teaching them to become in tune with the form and purpose of the movements, where they should be feeling them etc. It is amazing to see the shift that happens when exercise goes from being mindless to mindful.


Ah! This is so hard. If my adrenals and nervous system could handle coffee then it would be coffee, (super coffee from Nutbar is my fav) but sadly they cannot so tea is my go-to! Specifically, Matcha Green Tea.


Bird-dog or Quadruped arm/leg reach for all my Pilates Instructors. It is a very functional movement; it works so many different muscle groups and is great for beginners and advanced as the variation possibilities are endless.


With kind words! Fun fact, my love language is words of affirmations so kind words go a long way with me.