Hi, I'm Kaila!

I am a Certified Pilates Instructor with a bold Aries personality and slight matcha obsession.

About Me

Growing up as a competitive athlete, I lived an active lifestyle filled with high-intensity exercise that stressed my body mentally and physically, with no results to show for it. After suffering from hormonal issues and several injuries, I was encouraged to seek forms of exercise that were challenging but restorative. I found Pilates, and over the past five years, I have become obsessed with its ability to completely change my body's functionality while grounding, healing, and centering me. 


Through an ever-evolving wellness and personal journey, I have found my why and what lights me up— which is making people feel good in their bodies.

Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, I pivoted alongside the shutdown of fitness studios and launched my own business, The KM Method. I now run a complete schedule, see clients all day, run quarterly challenges, and have many exciting things in the works, and this is just the beginning. 


In addition to the power of exercise, I am also fascinated by the healing power of food. I am working towards becoming a certified Holistic Nutritionist to educate on the healing properties of nutrition and natural supplementation.

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Taking an intuitive approach grounded in the fundamental Pilates principles.


To empower and educate you to connect to your body through movement.


Help you move in a way that is effective, empowering and strengthening.

As I write this today,

I have worked hard to build a lifestyle and healthy rituals centred around consistent functional movement,  whole food nutrition, and self-care activities. With all of this, I have discovered a way of living that makes me feel incredible, and I am so happy to share it all with YOU! 


Welcome to the #KMfam! 


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